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Loving Pom Mommies around the world

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♥Welcome to Pom_moms!♥

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♥Community Rules♥
1.) After joining pom_moms please post an entry introducing yourself and your lovely Pomeranian. If you do not currently have photo's to post, that is perfectly fine. This community also welcomes owners who have owned a Pomeranian, or had one that passed. All Pom lovers welcome.

2.) There are no age limits. Pomeranian owners of all ages are welcome to the community. Other members should take this rule in to consideration.

3.) When posting pictures, more than three should be posted behind a cut.

For example: < lj-cut > your image link here < /lj-cut > or...
< lj-cut text="Pictures of my puppy!" > your image links here < /lj-cut >

4.) Please keep the community drama free. The entries are not moderated and I would like to keep it that way.

5.) Lastly, do not join this community only to promote yours or another community. It will automatically be deleted.


If you would rather fill this out than write a paragraph for your introduction entry, this is provided to you for your first entry, but completely optional. Just copy, paste, fill out the questions, and post to the community.

Your name?:

Where are you from?:

How many Pomeranians do you own?:

Male or Female?:

What is your Pomeranian(s) name?:

How old is your Pomeranian?:

How long have you had your Pomeranian(s)?:

What does your Pomeranian(s) look like?:

Tell us a little some thing about your cute bundle of joy:

♥Contact Moderator♥

If for any reason you need to contact me over an issue in the community. My name is Bobbie and you can reach me by the following to get the matter resolved.

AIM: lovelypoison3
Yahoo: lovelypoison3
e-mail: lovelypoison@gmail.com

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