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Loving Pom Mommies around the world [entries|friends|calendar]

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Hello [Fri, October 5th, 2012]



I am new to Pom Moms. My fiance and I adopted from his mom's pom after
she passed. She was sick for a year, and "Baby" got fat due to lack of exercise.
 When we got him he weighed 28lbs, and now currently weighs 24 lbs.
Before you say anything I know that he is morbidly obese. Since I've had him,
we have been taking morning park walks and eating right.

Before I got him, I really disliked dogs, but I swear the moment he looked it me it
was love!!

And I am now a pom mom.

 Baby   014baby 1

Bandit...kennel cough? [Thu, March 17th, 2011]

[ mood | concerned ]

Hello everyone...I believe my dog caught kennel cough as I've taken him to the dog park twice in the past two weeks and on Tuesday I took him for a walk in the fountain park and he was fine but just tired and thirsty but later on Tuesday he started coughing/hacking pretty bad. And I believe he also has a condition called collapsing trachea in which he coughs/hacks but not like he has been the last day...so I think it's kennel cough...in fact I hope he has this and not a worsening of the other condition...Here's the cell phone video

My Peanut <3 [Mon, March 7th, 2011]
Hi, I'm Cheryl and I'm 22. My Peanut is 2 years old and absolutely loves the snow! He is extremely friendly and will run up to anyone, no matter where they are. Therefore, I have to put him on his leash and he barks aggressively and seems vicious if he wants to go say hello and can't. I feel awful, but he tends to have a mind of his own. He loves to sleep under the blankets with me along my backside and stare out the front window when we're watching tv.

Dog TV? [Tue, March 1st, 2011]

Does anyone here leave the television on for your puppy friend when they are home alone?

Apple gets very upset when home alone and any noises she hears outside send her into barking fits (loud cars, other barking dogs, delivery people, wind.... sigh)
I thought we might try leaving a television on for a bit (public broadcasting) and see if it helps her... but how would I really know if it helps when I'm not there? We aren't a TV household but I notice when it is on she is calm and sleepy. I believe the household she was born in was a 24 hour tv household.

Share your experiences with me!

Apple looking out the window and spying on the neighbors...

[Tue, February 15th, 2011]

[ mood | geeky ]

Hello! I'm Rita, i'm 24 years old and I live in Salt Lake City, UT
My pom's name is Ruby, and ive had her since 5 weeks, she was born May 7, 2010
Shes actually a mix of pom and min pin.
Of course, shes the Queen of the house, but she gives lots of love and attention to me and my husband.
She loves taking pictures, and whenever she notices a camera she is posing. Its very cute! and odd. lol I imagine she is saying in her head "vogue, vogue, vogue". haha<3 I'm here to have some fun and admire other cute poms!

poms as apartment pets? [Thu, February 10th, 2011]

Hi all,
I have a question for all you single pom moms! I will be graduating soon and moving out on my own, probably to a studio/bachelor's pad or a one-bdrm apartment. I will likely have a standard M-F, 9-5 job. I've wanted a pom forever, and I know that they can be great apartment pets, but will a pom be okay with being left alone for these periods of time? How about with a cat as company? I would greatly appreciate some feedback from any people with experience in this type of situation.

Thank you.

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Hi There Again [Sun, December 26th, 2010]

[ mood | good ]

I love my baby so much and tend to take a bunch of pictures of him. I thought these were particularly adorable. I took them on Dec 22nd. I hope you enjoy him. I'll probably have more to share in a few days since we had a beautiful snow fall today and I've been taking him out in the snow for some cute photos. He seems to have been enjoying it.

More PicturesCollapse )

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year. <3

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Kyuubi vs Opossum [Wed, December 15th, 2010]

[ mood | blank ]

I took some new pictures of my fuzzball today and a video of him fighting a opossum! Check it out and I hope you enjoy all of it. =)

Photos and VideoCollapse )

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Hi from Finland :) [Tue, December 7th, 2010]

I haven't been very active here but now I'd like to say Hi and share some new pics of my little bundle of joy :) Nukka is now almost 11 months and she's a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e !

Nukka!Collapse )

Good Evening [Mon, December 6th, 2010]

My name is Destinie, and I'm from North Carolina. I currently own one beautiful male orange sable pomeranian named Kyuubi. He just turned 3 years old this month. My husband and I have only had him for two years, though, and he's a rescue! We don't know much of Kyuubi's past but due to some skittish behavior we assume that he may have been abused before we got him. He's warmed up over the years very nicely and has got to be the most loving dog I have ever owned. He loves snuggling and giving kisses. His favorite toy is an opossum squeaker toy that's about as big as he is. His best friend is our 1 year old Maine Coon named Tenebrae. They love to wrestle and chase each other across the house. It's the cutest thing ever.

We just recently had some snow fall here, so I have a recent picture of him that you may enjoy:

Kyuubi in the SnowCollapse )

Kyuubi is not my first pom, but my second. The first one I had was name Spica. He was also an Orange Sable. He passed away in 2002 at the age of 14 just a few months before his 15th birthday. He was an amazing dog.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's babies. <3


New member [Fri, December 3rd, 2010]

I've always loved the breed, and now I finally have a wiggly ball of fluff all of my own!

Your name?:Dyani

Where are you from?:Vegas

How many Pomeranians do you own?:1

Male or Female?:female

What is your Pom's name?:Kiwi

How old is your Pom?:7 months

How long have you had your Pom?:4 months

Kiwi and ICollapse )

Barney Barker - 2 years later [Fri, October 29th, 2010]

[ mood | thankful ]

It's hard to believe that it's been almost two years since we introduced Barney Barker to our family. I was looking back at old photos this morning and am just amazed at how much happier he is and how much he's grown emotionally, physically and behavioral wise. If you've ever wondered if an abused animal can be rehabilitated, the answer is YES, it is possible! I'm so thankful that we took a chance on this little guy (for my newer LJ friends: we rescued Barney from an abusive household; what a nightmare). I can't imagine our family without lil' pup-pup. To all the friends who provided guidance and support through the rough times (especially during his life threatening liver shunt surgery), thank you from the depths of my soul.

photo memoriesCollapse )

[Mon, October 4th, 2010]

Hello everyone! I hope you and your pommies have been well! I've been wanting to post with pictures of Steve at my wedding where he held the role of ring bearer (it worked out really well!) but I haven't gotten them back yet. However, today I got an e-mail from the Animal Planet website saying that Steve was selected to be in their Traveling Dogs, Battle of the Breeds contest! I don't think you win anything from the contest- just bragging rights- but I thought I'd post the link here in case anyone wanted to vote for him (if you don't mind, I don't mean to be annoying I'm just so excited, haha!) There's another adorable Pom in a different bracket that I made sure to vote for too. :D

Here's the link: http://animal.discovery.com/the-spot/battle-breeds/traveling-dogs/

And so this isn't text only!

Wedding teaser picture!Collapse )

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Poppy got a hair buzz [Mon, May 31st, 2010]


I know it's been a while since I've posted anything..
So here's a updated photo of Poppy after her first -hair buzz-
done today.
Snip snipCollapse )

Hi everybody :) [Sat, May 1st, 2010]

Meet my adorable, 14-week-old baby girl, Nukka :)

Gratuitous pomspam! [Mon, March 22nd, 2010]

Bandit is all grown up!

PicturesCollapse )

[Wed, March 3rd, 2010]

Hi guys! Hope you and your pommies have all been well! I've got a pretty funny picture and video to share of the always crazy Steve!
Steve being Steve!Collapse )

[Fri, December 18th, 2009]

Lately- as the weather gets colder- Steve has been limping a lot more. I haven't really been able to tell if he only limps with one leg or if he alternates (I think he's alternating) and I'm getting worried about him. Earlier in the year when I took him to the vet, she told me he had "slippy" kneecaps and that it might become a problem as he got older. He's only two years old, but when he's out playing and chasing balls he works himself harder than I've ever seen any dog work before which I think strains his little limbs. He also hurt his knees a few times this summer by running to hard/ having bigger dogs hurt him when trying to play too aggressively. Then a few weeks ago I was holding him and my mom dropped a ball on the floor and he squirmed out of my arms and fell onto the hardwood floor and hurt his legs so bad he was crying. I started crying too I felt so bad!

Do you guys think I should take him to the vet? Honestly, I would have already scheduled the appointment if I knew he was in pain or if it had gotten really bad- but it's too big an expense right now for me to take him in and have them tell me there's nothing they can do (not to mention, all of my family think I'm ridiculous for being concerned.) And has anyone dealt with knee issues when their pup was this young? :/

I hope you're all having a good holiday seasons and that you and your pups are all happy and healthy!

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[Mon, December 7th, 2009]

Hello pom moms (and dads)!

My name is Marie-Claude, I'm 30, and I'm in Ottawa, Canada. I grew up around poodles and rottweilers but since I've been living in apartments for the past decade, I had decided to limit my zoo to cats only, since I didn't think I had enough time/space to devote to a dog.

When my partner and I got an apartment downtown together shortly after our one-year anniversary, we decided to adopt a puppy from an apartment-friendly breed, since there were two sets of hands now, plus a third with our eager new roommate.

Enter Bandit, who we got in October at the age of 10 weeks. He is 16 weeks old today, and all of 4.5 lbs.

Pictures!Collapse )

I'm looking for advice concerning some pom behaviour. We're new to the breed, so any input would be appreciated. My partner and I are used to large breeds so we've been staunch with the discipline, but as it seems to be the case with a lot of poms, our best efforts seem to be working against us.

Since we live downtown in a big city and walk everywhere, we try to take him walking with us whenever we go on errands. There is a dog park down the block we go to as much as we can. We also try to take him for a walk right before he is crated at night. I'll admit that these things don't always happen as religiously or as extensively as we'd like them to, but mostly we do all right. He is never crated for more than a 2-3 hours at a time. We do try to give him a routine so he knows what to expect.

Here are the things he does well, to give credit where credit is due:
  • Sleeps in his crate at night, in our bedroom, and only barks/whines when he has to pee/poo.

  • Pees/poos on his puppy pads. We will soon be transitioning to outside.

  • Walks really well on a short leash, heels.

  • Sits on command (most of the time) and sits at intersections when being walked (we live downtown in a big city).

  • Fetches.

  • Plays well with other dogs, and wishes the cats would play with him.

  • Sticks closeby when off leash at the dog park, but will venture out a little to play with other dogs/people.

  • Doesn't bark when someone knocks on the door, or comes in.

  • Has stopped idle puppy nipping for the most part.

Now, with the bad. None of which are new to poms owners, I venture:

  • Will randomly bark his fool head off at us for no reason, and also (especially?) when reprimanded.

  • Ditto with the cats, which has resulted in my older cat smacking him in the face, damaging one of his eyes.

  • Is ripping the carpet out in our rental apartment and eating the bottom of the kitchen cupboards (AAAARGH).

  • Has no recall to speak of if there's something more interesting around.

  • Will bark and jump and paw almost violently whenever we (or the cats) eat. We had to put the cats' food on a table so he wouldn't bark and them whenever they ate. We usually crate him when we eat, to avoid the aggression.

  • A spray bottle of water with or without lemon juice has no effect on him. I think he even likes it!

  • Using positive reinforcement to stop the barking (show treat, praise and give treat after 3 seconds of silence, repeat for longer silences, etc.) has worked somewhat, but as soon as treat time is over, the lesson is forgotten.

  • Recently he has started being aggressive whenever we try to give him his eye medication or if we try to put the leash on his collar. Growling, malicious biting, etc. This is rather discouraging, as he is a sweetheart otherwise.

Now, I'm reeeeally hoping that this is all mostly teenage rebellion, him testing us, trying to be the boss. And that a lot of these behaviours (especially ripping, digging, chewing) will lessen once he's neutered in a few weeks. Is this true, in your experience? In the meantime, any advice on how to help these pom problems (pom-blems?) would be hugely welcome!

Edit: After asking the same questions on Yahoo Answers (what was I thinking?) and being practically lynched, I need to ask: are my expectations unreasonable? Am I asking too much of a 4 month old puppy? In my experience you can never start training too early, but. You tell me. :)

Hi, everyone! [Thu, October 29th, 2009]

Your name?: Jennifer

Where are you from?: Kentucky

How many Pomeranians do you own?: One

Male or Female?: Male

What is your Pomeranian(s) name?: Herbie

How old is your Pomeranian?: 1 year, 6 months

How long have you had your Pomeranian(s)?: 2 months

What does your Pomeranian(s) look like?:

Tell us a little some thing about your cute bundle of joy:
My boyfriend and I got Herbie in August. For a long time, I had talked about wanting a dog. I grew up with dogs and, since I had just moved in with him in our college town, I was extremely homesick--my family lives five hours away. We went to the humane society to look and were surprised to find a purebred Pom there. I wanted a big dog, but our landlord wouldn't allow it. But we met Herbie (then called Mr. Brown) and I fell in love with him. The people at the shelter told us he wasn't very personable, he didn't like children, and tended to snap at people if they touched his food bowl. However, upon introducing Herbie into our home, he exhibited none of these behaviors. He loves attention from everyone--even the neighborhood kids who are always around on our walks--and barks little. Herbie is a spirited little thing and I love him very very much!

More Herbie!Collapse )

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